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$20 Monthly fee to use the Oz Scanner, Stock Trading Software, with RealTick®

The Oz Scanner Stock Trading Software

With over 12,000 stocks to look at every day, you can use a state of the art stock trading software scanning tool to quickly and effectively find stock trading opportunities in real time.  The Oz Scanner stock trading software applies technical screening formulas to a large population of stocks. It then returns a list of stocks that meet a pre-determined filter criteria associated with those formulas throughout the trading day. Once you receive the list of stocks generated by the Oz Scanner stock trading software, you can then proceed to evaluate potential risk and potential reward prior to establishing a position in the stock.

Depending on your own stock trading experience level, alerts which are generated by the trading software from all the different scans can be traded in different ways. This stock trading strategy table may give you some guidance as to the type of stock trades that can be made and the stock trading experience level required for such stock trading strategy.

The purpose of the Oz Scanner stock trading software is to find better-than-average stock trading opportunities, everyday. The dilemma of which stock should a stock trader trade next is the reality a stock trader is faced every time he closes a trade.  If a stock trader wants to find fast-moving stocks or slow-moving stocks with better than average upside or downside potential, he may be simply out of luck. Consequently, the author of the Oz Scanner stock trading software had to develop a product that would put these stocks in front of his eyes, and now they can be in front of your eyes as well.

If you wish to learn how to effectively use the Oz Scanner Stock Trading Software, you may want to check out this stock trading education website and sign up for the free demo course.  You may also want to attend or purchase one of the stock trading courses they offer there.

You can also visit the online stock trading website of the author of the Oz Scanner Stock Trading Software.  You can find some stock trading lessons and educational online stock trading courses over there as well as the free stock market trading calculator and the free Stock Trading Newsletter.

To further your stock trading knowledge and to learn how to use stock trading software and daytrading software in your own trading, you can also visit the stock trading wizard website for stock trading information and educational products.

The Real-Time Stock Trading Software, Oz Scanner, is exclusively available with the best day trading software platform, RealTick® software If you wish to use the Oz Scanner with your stock trading software, please contact RealTick® or your stock trading broker and request that they add it to your service.  There is only a $20 monthly charge to use the software with RealTick® so it is very affordable.

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